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👋 Hello, it's me again! 💬

To share a bit more about myself, I've always felt like a UXer at heart, even before I knew what UX was. When I was younger, I had a deep love for listening to stories. I found them not only interesting but also filled with valuable lessons, even when they weren't my own.

In college, 📚 studied Biology and Microbiology and eventually started working as a Biochemist in the world of big pharma. 🧪 While I enjoyed the laboratory 🔬 and the research, I didn't feel like doing it anymore 😄.

That's when it hit me: I had this burning desire to team up with small businesses and startups. I wanted to do more than just the work; I wanted to roll up my sleeves and collaborate with others to turn bright ideas into reality. My passion wasn't just about science; it extended to people too. I'm all about understanding their needs and making sure the products we create are designed for them. In every conversation, you'll find me bringing curiosity and acceptance because connecting with people is my driving force. 🌟🤝


The turning point came when I had the golden opportunity to become a Hapi Listener for Hapi during its early stages. 🌄 There, I had the privilege of listening to thousands of strangers sharing their stories with me. It was a profoundly fulfilling experience that allowed me to explore the vast spectrum of human emotions and experiences, each unique yet often strikingly similar. With that said...

I have a knack for detecting trends 📊 and using that insight to create content that deeply resonates with people. 🎯 I started as a listener, and I firmly believe that I can leverage my skills and talent to be the ears of your company. After all, isn't it all about building better products and experiences for people? 🌟 It all starts with listening.


Let's Talk

Would love to know what you are working on and how I can help you! Let's Talk!

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