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UX Projects

Welcome to my UX Portfolio, where I showcase my passion for understanding the user, creating simple and thoughtful experiences and designing products that solve real-world problems.
Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild

The Anti-bully app educates adolescents about bullying by fostering conversations and community through human-to-human emotional support. (in progress)

In 2023, 73% of students reported experiencing bullying at some point in their lifetime, highlighting the pervasive nature of this societal issue. Bullying not only impacts the individuals targeted but also those who witness it. In collaboration with Bully Talk, Inc., I am designing an app aimed at addressing this challenge. My work involves conducting secondary research, a focus group, competitive analysis, wire framing, prototyping, and usability testing

The Social App Aimed at Solving Loneliness & Facilitating On-demand Real-Life Connections 

Awkwardly Social isn't just a response to the Loneliness Epidemic; it's an embodiment of 'The Power of Now' in forging genuine real-life connections. Inspired by my time as an anonymous listener on the Hapi app, this project aims to help those facing challenges in meeting new people, making friends, and developing meaningful relationships. This project encompasses various stages, including secondary research, user interviews, the development of user personas, information architecture, wire framing, prototyping, and usability testing.

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SmartLab provides web-based resource planning and scheduling for QC laboratories.

While SmartLab has achieved global success in over 100 laboratories, a prominent pharmaceutical company based in Los Angeles encountered a surprising decline in usage following their adoption of the platform in March 2021. In response to this, an urgent UX case study was initiated to unearth the underlying reasons for underutilization, with the goal of unlocking the platform's full potential within the organization. This project involved conducting surveys, user interviews, and usability tests to identify the root causes of SmartLab's underutilization.

The Hapi is an emotional support app that connects people to anonymous listeners whenever they need someone to talk to. 

In response to a growing number of customer refund requests resulting from unintentional purchases, this case study focuses on analyzing the purchase process to identify and address the issues leading to an uptick in refund requests. The project involved user interviews, task analysis, and heuristic evaluation to assess the purchase experience for the Hapi Talker app.

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